Oh hello...

2011-03-17 12:56:20 by kevinbolk

Damn. Been a long time between posts. I try to be a little more selective with what I put up here (until I learn flash anyhow), but that often leads me to neglect this poor page. I tend to spend my NG time watching cartoons and playing games and don't think to post more art. Woops.

Gonna try to get a little better about that, but more than likely I'll just keep stalking Egoraptor's page. XD

Augh...crazy month was crazy...

2010-05-03 15:25:21 by kevinbolk

So, April was month of non-stop conventions and just too much shit for me. Did Anime Boston, drove back home to B-More and then had 48 hours before I had to pack up and do Tekkoshocon in Pittsburgh. Then came home and had 3 days and then went Alexandria, VA for T-Mode. After all that, I came back and turned 30 with a pretty massive weekend-long party. Cake and beer! WOO!!

And then I got sick and missed the NG Baltimore meet-up. >_< So, poo on me. It was great seeing some of you at the conventions though..small consolation, but I really wanted to make it to the meet-up. Oh well.

May should be a little less hectic. I'm running a free admission comic show with Interrobang Studios and Robot Martini at the end of the month called The Windup Comic Fest. If any of you locals are free on May 22nd, I hope you'll come out. I'm giving free sketches (if you're into that kinda thing) to anyone that comes to my table table and mentions either Newgrounds or Deviant Art. Should be a fun and jam-packed little show.

Anywho, gonna post some 'toon and then take it easy. Still kicking the last of this illness *blargh!*. Hope y'all are doing well!

Yay for Newgrounds!

2010-03-24 11:51:03 by kevinbolk

Hey there! Just joined NG yesterday and I've got quite a warm welcome. Thanks for that and the excellent feedback on my work.

I've got a lot of comics I'd like to post, but I'm gonna space them out as I don't want to bombard the art portal with them and wear out my welcome.

A little about me: I'm a freelance cartoonist, illustrator, and designer and I've done work for Nickelodeon, Tokyopop, and local businesses around Baltimore. I also do two original webcomics over at Interrobang Studios. Someday, I'd love to learn FLash and do cartoons based on those comics. I fellow can dream.

In my spare time, I like to do fan comics and the like...which is mostly what I've posted here. If there's interest for it, I may post some of my original stuff too, but again, I don't want to wear out my welcome.

Thanks again for the comments and good vibes. Looking forward to having lots of fun with this group. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a website full of awesome animation, art, and games to jump into. Yay for Newgrounds!